Polyglot Virtual Node Server FrameworkΒΆ

Polyglot Virtual Node Server Framework is an application that makes it easy and quick to both develop and maintain virtual node servers for the ISY-994i home automation controller by Universal Devices Inc. Using virtual node servers, the ISY-994i is able to communicate with and control third-party devices to which the ISY-994i cannot natively connect.

Polyglot is written primarily with Python 2.7 and makes it easy to develop new Virtual Node Servers with Python 2.7. It should, however, by noted, that Virtual Node Servers may by developed using any language. Polyglot is intended to be run on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, but could potentially run on any ARM based machine running Linux with Python 2.7. FreeBSD, OSX, and x64 linux binaries are provided as well.

This document will document the usage of and development for Polyglot. For additional help, please reference the UDI Forum.